Douglas Allan Bacon Fine Jewelry consists of a gallery and studio on Main Street in Harbor Springs, Michigan, and a studio and office in Beverly Hills, Michigan. We invite you to spend a few minutes on this site. If you are bored with mass-marketed, mass-produced jewelry, we think you will find work here which delights, charms, and intrigues.

I have spent my entire career actively involved in designing and making pieces for people. I love the commission process, and I also love the freedom to simply create whatever I am drawn to in the moment. I believe in making jewelry which is ‘Heirloom Quality’. So many things in our modern world are simply commodities. Everything has the status of toothpaste. Decide what you want, and then find at the cheapest price you can. I believe in making wonderful pieces which can endure through time; which we can learn to appreciate more as we own and wear them, rather than growing tired of them. Quality is the key to such an experience. Buying the cheapest of anything is rarely satisfying. Quality, regardless of price, is usually the greater value, because our enjoyment of the thing is more likely to endure through time.